#1,439 Sopranos Tour + 5th Anniversary.

5 years ago today, Ben and I were married on a freezing cold day in Oxford. How is time going so fast? It feels like we’re still brand new!

So we figured it would be a good day to do our own thing while Kory and Beth do theirs. They planned to eat at Grimaldi’s and see a Broadway show, but we’ve spent enough time in NYC over the last 5 years that we didn’t feel like we would be missing out by taking one day to rent a car and go to New Jersey to see a few of the major Sopranos sets. So we rented a car in Brooklyn… A 2014 Yukon XL with 100 miles on it. Ben was tickled to death.

We headed through the industrial wasteland between New York and New Jersey. So we had to do this, of course:

First stop was Holsten’s in Bloomfield, the diner where the final scene of the final episode was filmed. Of course we sat in the booth where the Soprano family sat just before… Well, it cuts to black. And we know what that cut to black was really about. We ordered onion rings. “Best in the state as far as I’m concerned.”

Next stop was the Soprano house. This real house in North Caldwell at 14 Aspen Drive is featured prominently in every single episode. Pulling up to it felt surreal because absolutely nothing about it has changed since the last episode wrapped. It felt like driving straight into the television. I’ve seen an interview with the homeowners who don’t mind visitors as long as they’re respectful, so we walked up the driveway and snapped a few photos. 

Our ride for the day:

Then back on the road where we snapped one quick photo of the real Bada Bing:

Then headed back into the city to get ready for dinner. I was wildly impressed by Ben’s driving skills in the biggest city in America. I never felt nervous and he handled the pressure without breaking a sweat one single time.

Last thing from our TV tour was seeing the huge Silvercup film studios where all of the interior sets for the show were filmed. We drove right past it on our way back into our neighborhood in Brooklyn so I had a great opportunity to get a photo:

A few hours later, we were arriving in the Meatpacking District at the Old Homestead Steakhouse. We’ve been planning to eat here for months.

I finally settled on just one dress after trying so many. A silk and lace one from Macy’s. I think I’ll always love it. It felt timeless and feminine.

And after our huge dinner (steak, truffle mac and cheese, hash potatoes and some sort of fancy garlic bread in a fancy sauce), we were standing on the corner figuring out the best way to get to Bryant Park. And I heard someone scream, “Erin?!”

Oh, just Jenny and Brittany. Friends from Jones and then Ole Miss. Jenny and I worked on yearbook together for 4 years and she and Brittany are best friends and moved to New York 6 years ago. What are the odds of that happening? Seriously, y’all. I need someone to tell me the odds.

The world is TINY. It really is.

Since this is the last night of our trip, we had to make 2 last stops before we go home in the morning. Every trip, we buy a Christmas ornament at the winter village in Bryant Park. On our honeymoon we started our tradition. Tonight we picked a handpainted glass ornament with a scene of 5th Avenue at Christmas.

Our last stop was Central Park in front of The Plaza Hotel to put a few stones from the park in Ben’s pocket for our travel jar collection at home. One cheesy kiss picture won’t hurt anything, will it?

You’ve been so good to us, New York. I can’t wait to see you again.

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