#2,459 Together.

We are in the midst of the most grueling schedule of our lives and we’re prioritizing things we’ve never had to before: clean clothes, dishes, family, the Mercantile, our friends. Those things used to be the given that everything else moved around, but because of Helen’s impending arrival, season 2 that we were going to have 6 months to make is being packed into 4.5 months. Which changes your life, and the things you’ve always done and took for granted now seem luxurious. It’s harder on our entire amazing, talented, gracious team, and we are only a small part of the big picture, and this is what I’m focusing on tonight, while we work on our other job as fast as we can while we scarf down our crock pot dinner quickly so we can shower and get in bed as early as possible to make tomorrow a manageable day…

This is temporary. It is finite, and I will miss this. I am sharing every moment of it with the person I adore and trust most in the world. We are doing something that matters and makes a positive impact in our little corner of the world with a team who supports us at every turn. And while right now it feels like an endurance test, I know that compared to this having a newborn will feel not as hard. I’ll have time, blessed time, to spend with her those first few sleep deprived, worried, beautiful, happy months, and I’ll do that with Ben right by my side too. God is so good to give us the things we need, the love and support that keeps us going when we feel too tired to make it on our own. And I’m so grateful for it.