I Wish I Owned a Junkyard

When I was young, my daddy would say that he wish he owned a junkyard. I get it, now. Some of my favorite memories of growing up revolve around finding parts we needed to keep our vehicles running or to dress them up a little.

@randy.sherrell and I have been looking for parts for his shop truck, #conwaythec10. We found a bumper, mirrors, and #C10 badges. He made the comment that the #junkyard was the coolest and saddest thing he’d ever seen. It’s true

  There are beautiful works of art sitting in the dirt, rotting. A couple of 59 Cadillacs with all of the trim, a big LTD that had been T-boned leaving you to wonder if they survived, countless old pickup trucks put out to pasture, and an RV with a tattered flag on top, the ultimate symbol of freedom lost.  It’s sad, but at the same time, I see hope walking through. That steering wheel would fit on my truck, my daddy needs that front valance for his Suburban, I think my brother was looking for a seat like this for my nephews car. Yep, I get it, I wish I owned a junkyard. 📸 by @randy.sherrell