#2,454 The New Bathroom.

The master bathroom renovation has been a journey to say the least. Demo began on June 28and the bathroom interior was complete yesterday, October 9, when the shower glass was installed, though that hasn’t stopped us from loving using it since the day the plumbing fixtures went in a couple weeks ago. We’ve wanted a separate tub and walk-in shower for so long, I guess since Ben destroyed his ankle... Read More

#2,423 A Bath.

It’s dumb but I sorta feel like I might cry about how much I love our new bathroom. I want to show you everything but there are just a couple finishing touches left to do. In this season of life that’s so busy and intense, I can’t explain the joy of having this little paradise for a bath at the end of the day. The tub is a real showstopper. There will be a tour coming in the next few days!  Read More

#2,422 Tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will bring another family home for reveal #3. And tomorrow I just might be taking a bubble bath in our brand new bathroom for the first time. And I’m giddy beyond words. Fingers crossed! Read More

#2,418 Creeping Toward the Finish Line.

The first coat of paint is done in the bathroom! Surely this means we will be done by the end of next week? I can’t wait to show you everything when it’s done! Read More

#2,403 Floored Part 2.

The whole amazing, shiny floor is done and awaiting grout tomorrow!  And it felt like fall today, and since we had an hour of free time this afternoon I spent it productively: This is what the perfect day sounds like. A post shared by Erin Napier (@erinapier) on Aug 29, 2017 at 3:16pm PDT However: HGTV in Real Life: my house, a filthy construction zone that has taken over the... Read More

#2,402 Floored Part 1.

The shower has a floor! And it is very pretty and shiny! And I can’t stop tip toeing in there to look at it! There’s still a good bit of work left to be done on the bathroom before we can move in, but this is a great start to bringing in the pretty!   Also, it felt legit fallish today. The high stuck around the 70s and a drizzle fell all day keeping the heat at bay with overcast clouds so low they... Read More

#2,363 Big Bath + Denim Girls.

Today we officially deleted the hallway door to our bathroom, but before they sheetrocked it up, I got one last peak and saw just how roomy it will be with the new addition. The pretty is about to start coming in! Also, the Rasberry women were representing the denim industry at tonight’s Main Street meeting: Read More

#2,359 Perfect Match.

The bathroom renovation is coming along quickly now with the addition in place and shingles on top, but the most impressive thing is the way Will found the exact match for the unusually sized historic beadboard underneath the eaves. It’s mesmerizing to see a merging of old and new craftsmanship: Read More

#2,350 Time Warp.

Today during the bathroom renovation, we uncovered a hammer lost between the exterior and interior walls since 1925 when the house was built. The moment the hammer was found, our doorbell rang and I found a lady at our front door with a Manila envelope of photos of our house from 1925, right when the construction was finished. She said they belonged with our house, and she knows her grandparents... Read More

#2,343 Gutted + Date Night.

I’m shocked to see it, but in one day, our bathroom is gone. I mean, GONE. And even though I’ve been struggling with an endless headache today, we stole away for a little date night to a restaurant we’ve never tried before and had the best time. Leo’s Cuban Kitchen is now going to be in my top 10 rotation because of Cuban chicken soup, plantains, and a super ooey gooey Cubano: And ULTA. There... Read More