#2,478 Cotton.

Cotton is the most interesting flower, I think. It’s all I wear, which I can’t say about any other flowers, it’s textural and odd looking and when you see it filling a vast expanse of field like the one Ben stumbled upon today, it kind of takes your breath away. Also, shout out to autumn for making long days on set feel like a dream. Read More

#2,473 Fall Day.

The sun never shined today, but the clouds felt like a hug and the cold breezes whispered around the corners of our house and the bright golden ginkgo leaves illuminated my walk before work. So of course we had to have breakfast for supper! Read More

#2,462 The Perfect Fall Day.

We woke up to 36° and rain. The windows in the house were fogged over, and we turned on David Gray while we shared our breakfast. It was a perfect morning that you feel the contentment of deep in your bones.  The wind howled, and soon the rain was gone. I remembered today is the first day of my 3rd trimester. I am exactly 7 months pregnant and took a photo to remember it. I don’t know why Helen... Read More

#2,458 Golden Day.

It felt so cool and so crisp today, it felt like the air conditioner was left on outside. The work was easier for it, and we all laughed easier too. And these are the days I’m going to miss when season 2 wraps and we’re waiting for Helen. I’m so grateful the cool, golden days of real fall are here.  Read More

#2,456 Flannels for the Cold Front.

It looks like tomorrow we’ll finally get to a prolonged version of fall, with temperatures dropping as far as the forecast can see, and we’re OVER THE MOON ABOUT IT. Even better is the fact that our 2017 Scotsman Co. flannel collectionis finally here, in the nick of time. Ben designed these shirts to be worn on a worksite, in the woodshop or the office with flap pockets for utility and a pencil... Read More

#2,416 Soup Supper.

Before we ran out the door to our first reveal of the season this morning, we threw together vegetable beef stew in the crockpot and the smell was the best welcome home at the end of the day. Jesse and Lauren came over to eat with us with Sufjan Stevens on the radio and a cold breeze that made the wind chimes dance. Not surprisingly, I found myself (and my tired back) in my favorite spot on this... Read More

#2,412 Catnapping.

As we near the first reveals of season 2 construction is winding down on the first block of filming while it’s still in full swing at our own house, but that means I’m finding 30 minute windows in the afternoons to take a tiny siesta on the porch (since inside my house is a noisy construction site) on the swing Ben made with the cushions Adammade, and it’s become my favorite thing to do in the... Read More

#2,411 Porch Lunch.

We decided to break away from set to grab lunch together from our favorite Mexican restaurant and have a little lunch date on our porch while the world’s most beautiful weather is briefly visiting. And I maybe…. Maybe. Had a tiny cat nap afterward. Just. For. A minute. Not even the tile saw running intermittently could stop my snooze. Read More

#2,408 Fall Display.

We spent the afternoon doing the Mercantile’s first-ever fall installation and it’s been kind of a dream of mine for so long–to decorate a shop of my own for fall.  Read More

#2,407 Football Season.

On the first game day of the Ole Miss football season, we do these things every year. We hang the fall wreath. I wear my favorite old Ole Miss t-shirt and go to my parents for my birthday party / tailgate party. And feel grateful that the best time of the year is to come. Welcome back, football season! Read More