#2,326 Baby Boom.

Somehow, I’ve managed to make it through life without ever watching the movie Baby Boom. I don’t know why I haven’t considering it covers entrepreneurship, small town living and a Grand Wagoneer, but today was the day. And corny as it was at moments, I cried a little bit when Elizabeth called her mama at the end, and cheered for J.C. when she told her mean old boss,“Frankly, if Food Chain can put... Read More

#2,304 Breakfast with the Barhams + PS.

Our friend BJ is the singer in a band called American Aquarium and anytime his tours bring him to Mississippi, we try to get together. For the second time in a year, it meant breakfast at our house the morning after his show in Oxford. This time, he brought his darling wife Rachael and we lingered over biscuits and sausage and NASCAR talk. I never imagined these two would have that to talk about... Read More

#2,286 Rainy Organizing.

We were under a blanket of heavy storm clouds from the time we woke up this morning, threatening without so much as a rumble. After church, the rain began to fall and only stopped for a couple hours this afternoon, and for whatever reason… Being at home in a storm made me feel like cleaning up the desk junk drawer and the drawer where I keep letters and cards from friends and family over the... Read More

#2,271 A Man Called Ove.

I finished the book on the beach yesterday. I cried so hard. I cried like a baby. I cried like the first time I saw Big Fish. I mean… I really cried.  Before Ben, I never cried over books or movies. Ever. And then, loving someone so much opened up a corner of my heart and head I had never used before, because in the years that followed, I found myself to be a movie crier.  So tonight we watched... Read More

#2,582 Art and Craft.

Maybe you’ve heard of Mark Landis from that New York Times article that was published a few years ago?  He’s a world famous art forger who spent many years dressing as a priest and donating his forgeries to art museums and universities all over America. As it turns out, he is brilliant, albeit he has some mental health issues, but is perfectly harmless and kind… And also happens to live just... Read More

#2,568 Rain and Rest.

I think December is finally catching up with me. In the moment, it was exhilarating—opening a brick and mortar store at Christmastime. It didn’t feel exhausting, only exciting. Now that life is slowing down to a screeching halt for just a little while, we’re catching our breath. We did inventory at the store while thunderstorms raged outside and when we were done we came home. And did.... Read More

#2,567 Health, Wealth & Luck. And Gerry.

As we do every New Year’s Day, we had a huge lunch with my parents after church of the Southern traditional New Year meal that superstition says will bring health, wealth and luck: ham, turnip greens, and black eyed peas. Of the three, I actually only like the ham so Mama is always sure to supplement it with cornbread, green bean casserole, and I contributed macaroni and cheese that was so rich... Read More

#2,558 You’ve Got Mail.

After the second busiest day we’ve had yet at the Mercantile, I was craving time on the couch. When mama texted and said she’d made ham and cheese poppyseed pinwheels, I RSVP’d “Yum!” and by 7:30 we were there and You’ve Got Mail just happened to be starting on the WE channel. I don’t have to tell you how deeply I love that movie and everything about it, of course. A post shared by Erin... Read More

#2,504 Chili + Nothing But Trouble.

Since tomorrow night will be the last late night for the design team as we dress the final house of season 1 AND it’s going to be Halloween, Ben decided to make a huge pot of his famous chili to put in the fridge tonight and serve for supper tomorrow. It requires outdoor cooking in a huge cast iron kettle, has no beans, and is hands down my favorite chili in the world. We’re putting the recipe in... Read More

#2,448 Wreath + Sweet November.

It is still hot as blue blazes but there are cooler breezes sometimes at night and fall will officially begin this month, and so, every year on September 1, I put out my fall wreath and feel excited about what’s to come. This usually coincides with the first Ole Miss game of the season, which is tomorrow, so I’m right on schedule! Also, because we’re going through a 90s nostalgia moment this week... Read More