#2,472 Me and Baker.

After filming wrapped, Ben went to the gym to lift weights but all I wanted to do was take a long walk to make my heart beat fast. He worries about me and Helen going alone anywhere these days. Then we remembered he’s not the only protective man in my life, and my 150 lb. pup escorted me on an adventure while Chevy stuck around the house–not much on walking for long like his brother. I talked to... Read More

#2,263 Running Buddy.

I think you all know about my strained relationship with exercise. I know it’s good for me. I feel good when it’s done. And for a few weeks now I’ve been forcing myself out of bed, into my running shoes and around the track at Gardiner… And hate every second of it. But after I do that, I go home and take the pups on walks separately now that they’re too strong to walk together because if, say, a... Read More

#2,053 Shopping Trip.

Mama and I made a girls’ trip to Hattiesburg to check out the J.Crew shipment at TJ Maxx this morning with our favorite little dude, who got to go to Toys R’ Us for the first time. Mama couldn’t leave without buying him this train tent, which he lovingly calls his ‘coo coo.’ The only thing I found that I just couldn’t live without was the green silk dress that Mallorie bought there last week, so... Read More

#2,047 Bust Out.

The morning was so beautiful, with bright sunshine streaming through the trees on our walk with the pups to the “swimming pool.” So beautiful, in fact, neither the Weather Channel nor Ben and I figured it would rain today. Not a chance, we thought. Ben leaves the garage open anytime a cloud might come up, knowing Baker’s tendency to play dead or run in possibly stormy conditions. Bu... Read More

#1,996 New State of Jones + Heavy Chevy.

Today I got to wear my very own New State of Jones shirt, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that lots of other folks want one too. This is just a small thing, but it feels good to see this positive change happening all around us. In other news, Chevy had a vet visit this morning for these mean old hot spots he gets on his sides and back every summer. Fortunately, the doctor gave us... Read More

#1,946 Dog Stroll.

It’s been a looooong time since I used the splitter to walk the boys by myself. Baker’s weighing in at 150 lbs. and little Chevy is up to 120 lbs. and when they were pups, the sight of a cat in the street was enough to make them stampede. Luckily, not much makes them want to break out into a sprint these days so we had a really lovely slow trot around the neighborhood while Ben was at his... Read More

#1,594 Good Boys.

Ben was working in the yard installing a new landscape lighting system all day. He was coming and going from the shop in the back yard to the front yard and when we left in a hurry to go to my parents for dinner at 5:30… Something terrible happened. We forgot. To close. The gate. It was standing wide open—a 1 foot gap. Worst of all—we realized long after we pulled into the carport. We were talking... Read More

#1,533 Yard Work.

Oh man, y’all. It’s just been a really really really long time since we did any yard work around here. Since we had a legit winter this year with ice and snow and everything, it stunted the yard growth enough to keep us from feeling too guilty about it. Until today, when the leaves piling up became too much to ignore. After we finished our work, we worked as hard as we could before the sun set on... Read More

#1,483 Baker + Downton’s Back.

After a short nap this afternoon, I went to the laundry room to fold clothes. And I found Baker, looking for me: He’s a funny dog because he’s unusually calm. Like a very old dog, though he’s only about 3 years old, the vet thinks. He’s never hyper, but he’s always looking for a snuggle. He tries to hug like people. All the time. He won’t jump on anyone, or lick anyone, just gentle hugs. Much as... Read More

#1,414 Vet Visit.

My two favorite dogs went to the vet with ear problems this morning and came home groomed and doctored up. Chevy jumped up into the truck for the first time without being forced—almost like he enjoys riding… But he still hated it. Here, see the two-headed dog: We’ve been trying to get Baker to exercise a little more and eat a little less since he was getting close to hitting 140 lbs. Today, he... Read More