#2,474 Curls.

The weather has cooled off so much, but the humidity has been sticking around which isn’t conducive to my baby fine hair if I try to wear it straight. I went back to my Tigi curl creme and it’s been smooth (curly) sailing.  With the shape of my body changing so much, it feels good to have hair days once in a while that make me feel like myself. Read More

#2,287 Curls Are Back.

The humidity is inching ever closer to 100% these days (even though we’ve got amazing cool breezes! Best of both worlds!) which means my curls are back in season, and I feel more like myself that way. Girl talk today: I've been getting some emails from folks who are curious about what product I like best for my hair that swaps between curly and straight, parted left or right, about a dozen... Read More

#2,549 The Biscuit Bowl + Bangs.

A few very good things happened today, beginning moments after I woke up and scrolled through instagram where I stumbled upon this post: Which inspired me to, rather than beg Ben to make a run to Vic’s for the corner biscuit with cheddar cheese grits, instead make buttermilk from 2% and pull my grandmother’s old dented metal biscuit bowl out of the pantry. This is what she kept 1/3 full of flour,... Read More

#2,365 Hair Day.

There’s not much that can make you feel as good as a fresh cut and color from the salon. When you have short hair, I swear you have to give twice as much as your long-haired friends. P.S. It was just so dang hot today. My makeup fell off my face. Thanks humidity. Read More

#2,282 Finally Hair Day.

After nearly 2 months, I finally got a cut and color and feel like a new woman. Seriously, I’ve never gone that long. I’m so glad to have an incredibly talented hair stylist for so many years. Thank you, Nikki!   Read More

#1,637 The Flippy Dippy Pixie Cut.

My hair girl nailed it again! You haven’t seen any photos of me on the blog in a while… Because my hair… Was so bad. I couldn’t get an appointment before today… But now I’m feeling like my self. It looks super dark in these photos, but it’s really not. Ben’s obviously enthusiastic about it. Read More

#1,582 Curls + Pizza Roberto.

First things first—I’ve not worn my hair curly in quite sometime. Not since it’s been really short, at least. With such rotten rainy weather (which I actually happen to love—I don’t find it rotten at all!), I decided the humidity might be on my side so I gave curly a try. I was shocked by how it behaved! My cousin Kelsa has been raving about this matte styling powdershe got at Sally’s, and her... Read More

#1,481 Haircut + Big Help.

Got a cut and color today. What a relief! My hair was hitting that point where no amount of product could keep it from looking like Carol Brady and Lord Farquaad had a daughter. Thank goodness for Nikki who saved the day and my self confidence. And I’m so thankful for Ben stepping up and helping me so so so much at work today. I was feeling swamped and he took up all the slack by answering some... Read More

#1,450 Haircut Etc.

Yesterday I got my hair cut and the morning after always tells the tale, doesn’t it? Like if it’s going to be a good cut depends entirely on how easy it is to fix it when you’re not in a beauty shop with fancy shampoos and balms and hairsprays and whatnot. And this was the easiest cut to fix that I’ve had in a while. It’s so very good to have a hair girl you can always trust. Tonight we... Read More

#1,373 Haircut + Meatballs.

I really love to document it when I get my haircut so I can refer back so at the risk of being redundant, I got my hair done today. Nikki is on maternity leave, so Daniel had the honor: I have no idea why I tried growing out that time. I’m not myself when it’s not short! Then after a BIG grocery trip I came home to make some homemade meatballs and sauce. It’s the week of Feast of San Genarro in... Read More