#2,497 Showering Helen.

Today was the big church shower for Helen! We’ve been overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and love shown to this precious girl we’ve yet to even meet. Every gift was special, but the ones that made me feel tears coming were the antique bud vase from the late 1920s, a gift from my grandfather when he was an elementary school boy to his teacher, that was passed down to her niece, and today, to me and Helen: And the last gift of the shower from my mama, a letter to Helen that I couldn’t read out loud without crying so Mallorie did it Read More

#2,491 Our Last Solo Decorating.

#2,491 Our Last Solo Decorating.

It’s a rule: if we want something to get done it has to be on our calendar. Christmas decorating was no exception and somehow, with everything we’ve got going on, our house is already clean and decorated for Christmas before December even arrives. I think two years ago we barely got a tree up before December 24... Read More

#2,485 Her Face.

#2,485 Her Face.

Today we unexpectedly got to see Helen’s face in an ultrasound image, when we also learned she’s growing very fast now. In the image we saw her left cheek, turned demurely into her left shoulder, both sufficiently chubby the way all babies should be. Her lips were parted, almost as if opening into a laugh. They are my lips, we recognized easily from the grainy images on the screen. Her feet are 2″... Read More

#2,477 Helen’s First Shower.

Tonight we had a little baby shower with just our closest friends and my heart is completely overflowing with love for this support system God saw fit to give Ben and I. Helen is already so loved and she hasn’t even taken her first breath. She’ll be here soon! Read More

#2,451 Things I’ve Relished.

We’ve had several months of the sweetest secrecy and radio silence about the most important thing that’s ever happened to us. I’ve relished so much about it, but most of all, the way Ben has been caring for Helen and me every minute of every day. From the moment we found out, he’s been so conscious of my every move—so cautious. As it turns out, I do have a condition that puts me at risk for... Read More

#2,449 Our Secret.

I woke before Ben on May 14. It was earlier than usual, still a little dark outside. I had gone to bed at 8:30 pm the night before. I worried I was coming down with something as I unpacked my suitcase from the most whirlwind week of our lives because I felt tired in a way I had never felt tired in my life. In the 7 days leading up to that morning, we had spoken all weekend at the Mississippi... Read More