#2,497 Showering Helen.

Today was the big church shower for Helen! We’ve been overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and love shown to this precious girl we’ve yet to even meet. Every gift was special, but the ones that made me feel tears coming were the antique bud vase from the late 1920s, a gift from my grandfather when he was an elementary school boy to his teacher, that was passed down to her niece, and today, to me and Helen: And the last gift of the shower from my mama, a letter to Helen that I couldn’t read out loud without crying so Mallorie did it Read More

#2,486 Mall Date.

#2,486 Mall Date.

After filming wrapped and we were too tired to cook ourselves supper, I remembered I needed Vanilla Bean Noel lotion because it’s almost December and we had ourselves a right fine mall date, as we do at least once a year, usually around Christmas when it’s actually fun to be in a mall... Read More

#2,479 Teamwork.

Home Town season 2 would be impossible without these folks right here: Georgia and Sarah spent their morning down on the floor prepping a project for me to do on camera since bending down is getting harder and harder with my growing belly. They never complain, they only laugh and tell stories that make me laugh with them. Tim, our beloved camera man gives everyone a big hug first thing every... Read More

#2,471 A Slow Day on Set.

Now that I’m in the third trimester, our producers have decided it’s time for me to take a break from construction scenes for the most part from here on out. My call time was supposed to be 10 am so I could rest and come in later for a scene requiring no physical work, but Ben’s call time was 7, and we are happiest stuck together like peanut butter and jelly, and so I went along with him and got... Read More

#2,460 Field Trip.

After a morning deep in the country filming a new episode: We filmed at Landrum’s Country, a kind of little Dollywood here in Laurel I’ve been visiting since I was born, and it tickled me to share the experience with our whole production family. Meanwhile, I'm dizzy and about to throw up. #mysteryhouse #hgtvhometownfieldtrip A post shared by Erin Napier (@erinapier) on Oct 26, 2017 at... Read More

#2,454 Makeshift Daylight.

I’m under the gun to finish the last 3 house portraits of season 2, but when I come home at 6 and the daylight is gone, I have to wait until the sun is out to mix colors accurately and finish my paintings. Tonight while I was in the bathtub, Ben made me a makeshift space in the kitchen with a daylight bulb and a lamp on the counter, all my supplies lined up and ready because he knows how much it... Read More

#2,453 Work Party.

Today after we wrapped, our DP, Tim, invited everyone over to his house for a bowl of chili around his new fire pit. It’s so rare that we see our work family away from work since we normally go home, shower and fall into bed after filming, but tonight with a nip in the air and the sky so clear you could count every star, I felt thankful to be at a “work” party like ours. Read More

#2,450 Season 2 is Coming!

We’ve been sitting on so many secrets lately, I know, but this one is almost as good as yesterday’s. We’ve been filming non stop since July 31 and we will wrap in December, because we’ll have the whole gang back together on your TV… When Home Town season 2 premieres on HGTV January 8, 2018! We’re moving to Monday nights, so set a reminder on your calendar!     Read More

#2,453 Block 2.

And somehow, we’re halfway through season 2 and today was the first day of shooting the second block of houses. We have 2 real estate days in the bag, which means only 3 more to go! We’re picking up steam now! Read More

#2,448 Playing Christmas.

Today we pretended it was Christmas for this year’s promos, and it’s amazing how hearing Judy Garland and hearing a fire snapping in the fireplace can trick you into feeling Christmas spirit! Sadly, I’ve taken a bad cold. But Big knows just the medicine I needed: Read More