The Smith House

I never imagined I would move to Jones County. I'd told Jordan early in our relationship that I didn't want to stay in Mississippi. I had dreams of moving off and living a life outside of what I'd always known. And we did! We moved to Tennessee and started our life together. So never in my wildest dreams did I think we'd buy our dream house in Laurel, be on a national television show, and... Read More

#2,491 Cyber Monday.

#2,491 Cyber Monday.

Time is flying. Somehow, it’s been two years since Ben and I launched our own little online shop that was the beginning of Laurel Mercantile.  Today, our amazing team got 70 of the 200+ orders we’ve received shipped, and they’ll be working steadily for the next couple days to make sure y’all get your goodies right away... Read More

#2,470 Open House.

Every year, the first Sunday in November, downtown Laurel shops open their doors and Christmas music starts playing and finger foods abound. This is the first year the Mercantile got to be a part of it since we opened up shop 11 months ago, and it felt like magic–the way this tradition has since I was a little girl. People flooded inside when we opened the doors and I even saw Angie and Patrick,... Read More

#2,456 Flannels for the Cold Front.

It looks like tomorrow we’ll finally get to a prolonged version of fall, with temperatures dropping as far as the forecast can see, and we’re OVER THE MOON ABOUT IT. Even better is the fact that our 2017 Scotsman Co. flannel collectionis finally here, in the nick of time. Ben designed these shirts to be worn on a worksite, in the woodshop or the office with flap pockets for utility and a pencil... Read More

#2,444 Holiday Supper.

We took photos for the new Laurel Mercantile recipe book coming this holiday season, which meant smiling through the heat and pretending we have real fall weather, with the Avett Brothers on the radio. I can’t wait for y’all to taste the family recipes we’re compiling for this year’s volume. *If you’re looking for the only cookbook created by us, this is Volume 1that we made last year, with short... Read More

#2,408 Fall Display.

We spent the afternoon doing the Mercantile’s first-ever fall installation and it’s been kind of a dream of mine for so long–to decorate a shop of my own for fall.  Read More

#2,348 Made In America.

Tonight was our first ever Made In America celebration at the Mercantile, and while it was a super casual thing, we spent the whole day setting up and getting things ready and I think it couldn’t have gone any better for our very first time and with so many other fireworks watch parties all over the city. Laurel always goes big on July 3, and tonight was no different: There is a simple... Read More

#2,324 Market Beautiful Day 1 + Bowling.

Oh man, y’all. Tonight was incredible! I can’t believe the vintage and handmade vendors who came from as far as New York and California to be part of The Market Beautiful this weekend. Tonight was the early preview party and I did some shopping before the crowds started coming in. I’ve been Instagram friends with several vendors for so long and it was amazing to finally hug their necks today. T... Read More

#2,302 Keeping Our Hometowns Strong.

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you Ben and I spent a whole Sunday afternoon working on a storyboard for something very special? This was the rough draft of those boards: And this is the stunning final product: Tonight on Home Town, you got to visit the foundry with Ben, Josh and Jim. That company has been part of the fabric of our city since the turn of the twentieth century, and we’re... Read More

#2,292 Mississippi Mercantile Day 2.

It was another amazing day spent with other Mississippi makers and small business lovers like us, and I was telling the ladies of Mississippi Magazinewho put the market on that it really felt like an enormous family reunion. I hugged so many people with stories of how they were connected to Laurel, to our families. I met one family who lived in our house in 1996 and brought photos to show me! I... Read More