#2,216 It’s Real.

I am tired, friends. We worked today and then late tonight so I’ll be sorta brief, but hey guess what?Home Town is in the TV listings. Ahhhhh!!! 8 more days! Also, we cooked supper for my parents with the pizza stuffed chicken breasts from The Knight Butcher and it was SO FINE. And finally—as I’ve been having to be in more photos than usual lately, it’s prompted me to begin searching for a... Read More

#2,215 Trash to Treasure + Makeover Night.

This morning Ben went to a warehouse owned by our friends at Morgan Brothers, a local cabinet manufacturing shop, and left with a trailer load of all the maple, oak, cyprus, cedar, and mahogany he could take with him and he’s going back again for a pickup load. The wood is all mixed up making it hard for the company to use and taking up precious space in their work area, so they were going to... Read More

#1,975 Au Naturel Makeup.

At the age of 29, I’ve finally learned how to apply makeup in such a way that has the “no makeup” look, though it actually requires an enormous amount of makeup, ironically. If you have fair skin, allergies, and are a night owl like me, you might wake up and struggle with the same super dark circles under your eyes. It’s taken a lot of years to find the right combo of potions and correctors to fix... Read More