#2,497 Showering Helen.

Today was the big church shower for Helen! We’ve been overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and love shown to this precious girl we’ve yet to even meet. Every gift was special, but the ones that made me feel tears coming were the antique bud vase from the late 1920s, a gift from my grandfather when he was an elementary school boy to his teacher, that was passed down to her niece, and today, to me and Helen: And the last gift of the shower from my mama, a letter to Helen that I couldn’t read out loud without crying so Mallorie did it Read More

#2,420 All My Favorites.

We got to spend the day making HGTV digital shorts with a tour of Laurel, the Mercantile, and Ben’s woodshop, meeting visitors from all over the country: You never know who we will run into on our baseball adventures!! #LaurelMS #HGTV #HomeTown #AdventuresOfMamaAndPoppa #MamaIsAMess A post shared by Heidi Allen Gatlin Smith (@heidifran) on Sep 16, 2017 at 8:41am PDT This. Just.... Read More

#2,391 Southern Living.

Well this was a huge and awesome surprise today! Click here if you’d like to read more about what my mama has taught me. Thank you, Southern Living for such a nice article!  Read More

#2,391 Filming with Mama.

Mama and I got to film the most fun scene yet of season 2, over her sewing machine, where we laughed until we actually cried–even the crew. When the scene wrapped with a gorgeous custom pillow to show for it, the cameras went off and Elvis came on (because, of course, never forget) and she pulled out a huge spread of sandwich trays and fruit and chips and dips and cupcakes and fed all the boys who... Read More

#2,381 Day Trip.

Mama, Ben and I took a little day trip down to Mobile again to exchange the antique European dressers we bought for the bathroom renovation and found ourselves at Wentzell’s again for lunch. Ben was our very happy date because it’s national oyster day and he got 2 dozen oysters all to himself. Because we were more interested in shrimp po-boys. The original dressers we bought last month were... Read More

#2,328 Fitness Friend.

This is my mama. She is 62 years old and in MUCH better shape than I am. She plays competitive league tennis several times a week, and takes long (BRISK) walks on her off days. She’s been an exercise encourager to me my whole life without ever making me feel guilty, which is a very hard balance to strike between a mother and daughter. The emphasis was never on “don’t get fat” when I was an... Read More

#2,300 Mama.

She encouraged me to be creative when other mamas encouraged doing what it took to be the most popular. She is tender hearted and smart and never told us we were better than anyone. She’s a writer with a southern voice that reminds me of Fannie Flagg and Lewis Grizzard, my biggest encourager who made art with me after school and sat beside me on the bus to Washington DC in 6th grade when no one... Read More

#2,636 Day out with Mama.

It’s been nearly a year since I last had a manicure so mama and I went to the nail salon today to treat ourselves as Ben and I have some press stuff coming up this week that’s really exciting and I need to look like I take care of my hands once in a while. A really weird thing happened while he was painting my nails. They keep it on HGTV all day in this salon. And I heard our voices. And lo and... Read More

#2,616 Mama Walks + The Idea.

It’s becoming a Sunday afternoon ritual for mama and I to take a 3 mile walk together, which reminds me of the day I began this journal, except today it was 82 degrees. She wore a tank top. I wore shorts. We both were sweaty 10 minutes into it. As much as I enjoy these walks, I would enjoy just a few more weeks of cold weather if we could get it! And then tonight at dinner with the Mercantile... Read More

#2,580 False Spring + Mama Mimmo’s.

It looks like this week is going to fake us out and feel like late April with highs in the upper 70s, which means I did the only thing I could do this morning on the way out the door. Boots would not do. We spent a few hours at the Mercantile greeting the Saturday visitors, then headed home to do some very serious backyard maintenance. It’s an understatement to say we’ve been a little busy since... Read More