#2,496 Pancake Day 2017.

If you order a copy of Good Grit here you can read all about Pancake Day: Laurel’s sweetest annual tradition that we’ve all been doing for decades. Everyone you’ve ever known your entire life comes to the old YWCO and gets in line together to have all you can eat pancakes and sausage before the Christmas parade starts. Every year, the photos are the same, we all just look a little older and wiser. This is how Christmas begins in our hometown. This year was an especially good one, since we are celebrating the one year anniversary of opening the Laurel Mercantile Co. Read More

#2,538 Opening Day.

About one year ago, we started our little online shop (which I’m sure you’ve noticed is quite barebones and a little neglected of late while we get the brick and mortar store off the ground), and today we opened the Laurel Mercantile Co. But first: Pancake Day! My whole family was there: Our sweet friends Doug, Carly and Kent had a great time at their first Pancake Day: Twice this week,... Read More

#1,815 Pancake Day + Hopey’s Dirty Thirty.

Another Pancake Day has come and gone, and every year I feel so spent! Maybe I’m just not caught up from the work week, but right now I’m barely propped up so I will let the pictures tell the tale. We joined everyone else in Laurel for pancakes bright and early this morning at 7:30 am. This activity, even the waiting in line, will never lose its childhood magic for me. Everyone... Read More

#1,454 Pancake Day + Parade.

In I Live in Laurel, we did a few spreads of the book telling about Anne’s favorite things about Laurel in every season. Actually, Anne’s favorite things were our favorite things—and at the top of that list is Pancake Day and the Christmas parade in downtown. See the picture on the right? We got to Pancake Day earlier than the rest of the crowd, but this is the scene in real life before the line... Read More

#1,084 Christmas Parade.

Today was the end of all the downtown Christmas events that kick off the season, and we had more fun than we’ve ever had in years past. We’ve also never been so exhausted, in a good way. You can’t go to the parade without first waiting in line at the YWCO with several hundred of your friends and neighbors to have all-you-can-eat pancakes and sausage. We’ve been doing this since I was born (and the... Read More

#703 Pancakes & Parade & Jackson & Antiques.

Today was SLAM FULL of fun stuff! I could write a VERY long blog about it, but because exceptionally great days make for exceptionally sleepy late nights, I’ll let the photos do most of the storytelling. The line was crazy long, but they always manage to move people through really quickly. A Christmas miracle! Ben and little Mama A real pretty tree beside the bank. Aren’t I just... Read More

#337 Pancake Day.

When I was little, on the first Saturday of every December, my family would go downtown for Pancake Day and the Christmas Parade. I remember being so excited to see Santa, the cars and the marching bands. I bet my parents were cold and miserable, but they never let us know it. I always thought downtown was magical since we lived in a very rural part of the county and rarely went downtown for... Read More