#2,470 Open House.

Every year, the first Sunday in November, downtown Laurel shops open their doors and Christmas music starts playing and finger foods abound. This is the first year the Mercantile got to be a part of it since we opened up shop 11 months ago, and it felt like magic–the way this tradition has since I was a little girl. People flooded inside when we opened the doors and I even saw Angie and Patrick,... Read More

#2,456 Flannels for the Cold Front.

It looks like tomorrow we’ll finally get to a prolonged version of fall, with temperatures dropping as far as the forecast can see, and we’re OVER THE MOON ABOUT IT. Even better is the fact that our 2017 Scotsman Co. flannel collectionis finally here, in the nick of time. Ben designed these shirts to be worn on a worksite, in the woodshop or the office with flap pockets for utility and a pencil... Read More

#2,372 Keep It Between the Lines.

I know I’ve already written about the new woodshop once this week, it’s just that it’s been all consuming between getting it set up and finished and our bathroom renovation that’s just in the ugly framing phase and doing tons of paintings for the show (that I can’t show you but I wish I could). This is one of the only things I can write about in our life right now and it’s so cool to see how happy... Read More

#2,371 Turning.

Ben finally got the fancy new lathe unpacked at the woodshop which means I’m going to have pretty new wooden lamps soon. You know, after he makes table legs. And rolling pins.  Read More

#2,362 Woodshop Art.

I’m not feeling very well tonight so I will be concise about today’s blessings. I got to spend several hours at my studio designing the signage for the woodshop and I’m excited about where it’s headed.   It will probably change a ton from this to the final ideation but it’s a start that feels right for what was once an old feed store. Read More

#2,317 New Woodshop.

I have to be real with y’all. We have two enormous projects in the works that are completely absorbing my every waking thought and all my energy, but we have to keep them under our hats for such a long time coming. I wish so badly I could write about them here, but it’s got to “stay close in” as my mammaw says–and that’s making it hard to journal each night with the littles that aren’t much to... Read More

#2,308 Bathroom + Woodshop.

I woke up this morning with my mind made up–I want to renovate our bathroom so we can have a separate tub and shower and so we can access it through our room instead of the hallway. Now I’m obsessively searching the Internet for a very specific sort of bathtub that I hope turns up soon. In other news, I got my first glimpse of the new Scotsman Co. woodshop while Jesse was working on cleaning out... Read More

#2,288 Carson Table.

Tonight the Carson episode aired and we were finally able to share the chef’s table Ben built this season that was so beautiful we made 2 more that we use for the checkout counters in the Mercantile.  Oh, I wish you could all touch it and see what fine craftsmanship went into it! P.S. If you think of it, please say a prayer for my uncle Dale (aka Ole Miss’s lucky charm against Bama). He’s in the... Read More

#2,274 Woodshop Brothers.

Jesse moved down to Laurel last month to start apprenticing under his big brother in the woodshop and it’s been amazing to see his confidence in woodworking grow every day as he learns new things. I’m really proud of him. I’m especially proud of the butcher blocks he and Ben made from the remnants of the custom countertops from tonight’s episode.  I wish they taught more trades in high school... Read More

#2,510 Men of Mercantile Shoot.

By 4:30 am we were up and at ’em today, and even though I could barely open my eyes at first I was full of adrenaline producing and directing my first big photo shoot for the mercantile. We all met at our old family cabin out in Myrick at 6 am and with 2 amazing stylists from Mitchell Willis + our director of photography from the show, Tim, and my shot list in hand—we had ourselves a real deal... Read More