#2,709 Farewell, Season One.

Tonight we sent off season one with a celebration all over downtown Laurel and a watch party at Laurel Little Theatre, right where we began with the pilot watch party in January 2016. To be surrounded by our family and friends and this sweet community is such a gift to us. This is their show just as much as it’s ours. At the end, Amber and I sang her song, My Hometown, together again just like... Read More

#2,701 Marathon.

Well, so the Home Town marathon is happening tomorrow (which may actually be today if you’re reading this on Tuesday), and today we finished up shooting and editing our first promo film for the Mercantile that we will release tomorrow and got to go back to where we started at Ross and Laura’s house. You can see their episode when the marathon begins May 16 at noon central and they’ll be airing all... Read More

#2,667 Good End to an Anxious Day.

Can I tell you something? Tuesdays are so exciting now because of the show. They also make me anxious.  I spend the whole day anticipating, wondering what y’all will notice or like. I get jitters for our sweet homeowners who haven’t seen any of the episodes and it’s brand new for them on national television each week. I wonder what trolls will try to hurt us with a cutting remark. I worry over if... Read More

#2,660 The Holloway House.

Tonight’s episode of Home Town is easily one of the most powerful of the season, and we got to share it with Bill and Jody (the homeowners) and friends and neighbors at a watch party tonight that was so fun and rowdy, full of cheering and hugging and eating and crying and clapping, everyone could feel how special it was. After a reception and dinner, we all gathered at the event venue down the... Read More

#2,651 Ratings + Sunnyday.

We woke up this morning to the news that between Tuesday night and DVR on Wednesday, 4.2 million sweet people tuned in to Home Town’s premiere. I can’t begin to understand a number like that. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU from the bottoms of our hearts. We’ve got 10 more weeks of season 1 coming, and I’m so glad you’re along for the ride with us! After church, we spent the entire day outside.... Read More

#2,646 Season 1 Premiere Party.

In a roundabout way, I’ve been talking and daydreaming and wondering what today would be like for the last 2.5 years, and now it’s happened. It’s up there with our wedding day, and best of all—I heard so many other Laurelites say the same thing today. Because it’s not just happening to me and Ben, but to our entire hometown. This is what it looked like. I’ve never ever ever been so tired or so... Read More

#2,600 Grocery Store Surprise.

It was the most regular day. We went to work and had a great conference call. I went to the eye doctor, my vision hasn’t changed in 2 years which is a first (maybe my blindness is leveling off finally!), then I went home and put on my favorite old sweatshirt and we went to the gym where I spent 47 minutes on the treadmill distracted from the misery of that by Parenthood. Then we went to Kroger to... Read More

#2,596 First Commercial Peek.

I had to stop myself from actually squealing when I got a notification I had been tagged in this photo on instagram by one of the HGTV producers this morning: this can't be real. #Repost @jensmithmoore ・・・ Delivering tons of promos for @HGTV's next big hit show! #HGTVHomeTown premieres March 21 after #FixerUpper. A post shared by Erin Napier (@erinapier) on Jan 30, 2017 at 2:54pm PST I... Read More

#2,591 Support + Freedom.

I don’t know how to adequately thank every person who shared the exciting news about Home Town’s premiere date, each one of you who emailed and called and texted and tweeted and shared. There were some big ones late last night and today that took us by surprise. Country Living, for one:   And some of our HGTV family:       And even though there was infinitely more kindness than there was... Read More

#2,590 Season 1 Premiere Date.

It’s been 3 years in the making, and we are so thrilled to finally tell y’all: Home Town season 1 premieres Tuesday, March 21 at 10/9 cst following Fixer Upperon HGTV. I’m so excited to have y’all along for the ride and thankful for your encouragement along the way. We spent last year making 10 new episodes (11 if you count the pilot episode) full of heart and happy tears, beautiful homes with... Read More