The Scotsman Shooters Score Big and Laurel Community Shows Out For Touch-A-Truck

This past weekend, Downtown Laurel was crowded and swarming with visitors and locals alike. The Laurel Mercantile Co. parking lot was transformed into outdoor basketball courts for First State Bank's Laurel Leap, a 3 on 3 basketball tournament. For the past two years, Laurel's best players compete and the Scotsman Shooters showed up to play ball. 

This year, Ben Napier, Jesse Napier, and Stuart Witt represented Laurel Mercantile Co. on the court, and they might have had a little too much fun. 



While their 3 pointers may have helped them win one game, some of the younger whipper snappers won the tournament. It was still fun to see all of the neighbors outside and enjoying the beautiful day!


On the other side of downtown Laurel was the Touch-A-Truck event, sponsored by Trustmark.

Touch-A-Truck is a fun, family event that offers hands-on opportunities for children to explore, climb and touch trucks, emergency response vehicles, heavy machinery and other equipment. Kids had the opportunity to get behind the wheel and rub elbows with their hometown heroes, while exploring their favorite vehicles including big rigs, fire engines, police cars, construction trucks, tractors and more. 


If you missed these events, don't worry! Downtown Laurel has a full spring of events this year. Check out our events calendar and plan your next weekend trip!