The Woodshop’s Best Tools: A Funny Conversation Between Stuart and Randy

One of the best things about visiting the Scotsman General store and Woodshop is the ability to step back in time and enjoy the atmosphere of an authentic general store of yonder year. One can watch the Scotsman Co. Woodshop team build new products and projects for Home Town or watch the show happen live with Ben and the whole film crew. Most people don't realize that our Woodshop is not just for spectating or for a show; it's the ground floor for creativity and getting important work done. More often than not, it’s the place where laughter can be heard from across the store as well. 

Randy and Stuart are full-time workers in the Woodshop since Josh and Ben are working on other projects around Downtown or filming for season six. They pride themselves on meeting deadlines and having fun. 

Recently, Randy and Stuart gathered around the coffee station and discussed the personalities of each Scotsman Co. woodshop team member and what each of them would be if they were a standard tool. While humorous, these descriptions are spot on, and we just had to share!



 "Ben would be a planer; he's rough. If a piece doesn't move the way he wants it to, he's going to make it move. It's loud; it's heavy. It's not very dangerous, and Ben's not a dangerous person. It just takes a lot off at one time and gets it done. If you put a rough board in there, it'll be smooth when it comes out. Ben's a lot like that. He moves quickly and effectively." — Randy.



"Stuart is extremely versatile; he's kind of like a lathe. You can do so much on a lathe, like take a square piece of wood and turn it into a beautiful ornate table leg, a bedpost, or a rolling pin. Other tools usually have a dust collector connected to them, but the lathe is wide open and can be pretty messy. It makes a big commotion, but at the end, you've got something wonderful." — Randy



"Randy's like a good clamp; he holds everything together. He makes sure we have everything we need for every project. Plus, you can never have enough clamps. There is such thing as too much Randy though!" — Stuart.



"Josh is like the box of bits that we have in the shop. You may not know what all is in that box, but you know that what you need is in there. You've just got to dig around a bit to find it. That's how it is with Josh; you know he has the answer. You just have to ask the right questions. Then all of a sudden, you've found the right Phillips head that you've been searching for all day long. He always has what you need." — Randy.

We're excited to see what the Woodshop boys will create on this season of Home Town together. Until then, tag along and read the Woodshop series each week, a time when we let the guys talk shop and all things woodworking.