The Scotsman Co. Brotherhood: Woodshop Talk with Randy Sherrell

While things are full steam ahead for filming Ben's Workshop and season six of Home Town, the Scotsman General Store and Woodshop are busier than ever working to finish building projects for upcoming house reveals and products for our stores. Randy, Josh, Stuart, and Ben are the masterminds behind these upcoming projects, and we can't wait to share all the details with you soon! Until then, our wood shop is trucking along with important day-to-day tasks. 

Randy Sherrell, Scotsman Co. team member and a feature on Home Town, explains that while the wood shop is at its highest productivity right now, it's also at its peak of fun and shenanigans, especially when the whole crew is together. 

"There's a lot of good work and camaraderie that comes out of the wood shop; I'd even call it a brotherhood of sorts. With most jobs, you're with a lot of people all day, but I'm usually with Stuart all day long, as Josh and Ben are working on other projects or filming. Stuart and I don't have a choice but to get along; good thing I like him. We even thought about getting matching tattoos," he laughs.

Stuart Witt is the newest addition to the Scotsman Co. Woodshop. He's a talented southern woodworker from Baldwyn, Mississippi. This past July, he and his wife, Taylor, and their son, Finnley, moved to Laurel to join Ben's Woodshop team. Ben and Stuart have been long-time friends and fellow craftsmen together. Since joining the woodshop, the team has grown in skill and hit a stride together that they're proud of.

Randy reflects, "When I started working here, I was very new to woodworking. I've learned a lot as I've built more projects. Now that Stuart's here, I've learned a lot from him, as he's a super talented woodworker. We help each other on each build, and we play on each other's strengths. Stuart has a creative mind, and he can see the finished product and knows how to get the result. I'm more of a "let's start building it and see what happens" kind of guy."

Randy continues, "We work well together because he may have to work on one project all day long. I have to step in to do a lot of the logistical work and support the project on that end some days. That means supplying him with the proper wood and getting him the tools he needs." 

Randy and the team will create more builds than any other season this year. He says, "Let's just put it like this. Our woodshop team is kind of like an old splined miter joint. It's straightforward, really simple, and it holds up well. It's not just one piece holding the joint together. It takes the glue, the spline, and all that to make it work. We all need each other to make this place run, and I'd say we're a pretty good team."

"We're just a bunch of good ole, Mississippi country boys. Nothing special or crazy, but when you put us together, we can turn out some cool things."

We think so too, Randy. We're excited to see what the Woodshop boys will create this season of Home Town. Until then, tag along and read the Woodshop series each week, a time when we let the guys talk shop and all things woodworking.