Duke Cannon Face Lotion

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 3.75 oz tube
  • Protein-complex minerals to repair dehydrated skin
  •  Apricot kernel seeds absorb excess oil for anti-glare/matte finish
  • Antioxidants to rehydrate and fight fatigue
Every day, dirt, grease, and the elements wage a silent war on your mug, making it hard for you to put your best face forward. Hard-working folks don't have time to obsess over a fancy skincare regimen; you need a simple and straightforward defense. Standard Issue Face Lotion from Duke Cannon is formulated to provide instant, long-lasting hydration while reducing excess oil and shine. It goes on smooth and lightweight without leaving a greasy residue. Fragrance-free so your face doesn't smell like strawberries.

For the face of a world champion, it's recommended you use one in the morning and again at night.

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