Gardiner Park Trio Bundle

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Summer sun + citrus blossoms scent
  • 100% domestically sourced vessels
  • Linen & Room Spray and Liquid Hand Soap
    • 8 oz. | 236 mL
  • Candle
    • 11 oz. net weight
    • Dimensions: 4″ x 3.5″
    • Hand-poured in the USA
    • Burn time: 50+ hours
    • Soy Wax Blend

    Whether it be your momma's cooking or the smell of the flowers on your front porch, home has a special scent that let's us know that we're where we belong.

    Now you can take your favorite spring-scent, Gardiner Park, wherever you go. Packaged conveniently for your home or on-the-go, this bundle of scents can freshen up any space and serve as a great gift to family and friends, near and far. Perfect for dorm rooms, offices, or wherever you call home. 


    I designed this fragrance to be a memory of summer that I can smell all year long: a Sunday afternoon in Laurel's Gardiner Park, summer sun filtered by the piney woods, the citrus blossoms that rarely bear much fruit but make the smell of summer that's carried on the wind from a neighbor's garden. - Erin

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