Hand Crafted Belt and Kitchen Knives


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We believe in quality craftsmanship and these knives are the definition of quality. Hand made in Bay Minette, Alabama and forged from old saw blade steel with handles carved from stabilized Cherry Burl, Spalted Cherry, Gum and Pecan. These knives are both functional and beautiful. Taken care of, your knife can last well past your life time and become heirlooms for the next generation and the next. 

1. Kitchen Knife - 6.5" Blade - Black Gum Handle
2. Kitchen Knife - 6.5" Blade - Spalted Cherry Handle
3. Kitchen Knife - 6.5" Blade - Spalted Cherry Handle
4. Belt Knife - 4.5" Blade - Cherry Burl Handle
5. Belt Knife - 4.5" Blade - Cherry Handle
6. Belt Knife - 4.5" Blade - Spalted Pecan Handle

Care Basics: Use your knife as a cutting tool only. Thoroughly clean and dry your knife after every use. Re-sharpen as needed. Do not store in a sheath for long periods of time. The blade is made of High Carbon Steel. It will rust if not properly cared for. Oil often with mineral oil and do not wash in the dish washer. 

Chatham Knives has been hand making knives since 2011. Construction of each knife is carefully seen from beginning to end by Mike himself. The steel is prepped in a forge and hammered to shape on an anvil from the 1800s. Every knife is made from high carbon steel, often repurposed from vintage sawmill blades that have spent their lives in a timber yard. 

Each knife has a lifetime warranty as long as Mike is making knives. This warranty does not cover abuse outside of normal use. 

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