Curated Vintage Quilts


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One of a kind, beautiful vintage quilts, handcrafted stitch-by-stitch with love. Instead of being stowed away deep in a closet, we are on a mission to bring these forgotten beauties back to life.

  1. Margaret - 84" x 67"  
  2. Fae - 78" x 54" 
  3. Parker - 86" x 78"
  4. Carolyn - 72" x 57.5" 
  5. Belinda - 80" x 64" 

Please note that all of our quilts are true, hand-stitched vintage pieces, and as such may vary in size or show signs of wear. We wash and try to repair when needed or possible (while still retaining the integrity of the original design) and add our signature logo patch to make sure that these works of the heart get the attention and love they deserve. Please fully inspect each photo of the quilts before purchasing. 

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