Limited Edition Leather Baseball Glove Wallet Sets


We believe in giving heirlooms a new life and a second chance after they have served their original purpose. Each one of these limited edition wallets is hand crafted from old baseball gloves that have lived their lives out in the baseball fields across America. Each one is unique in color and texture. The interior of each wallet is brand new and made from American Steer hide and tanned right here in the USA. Each one was carefully crafted and stitched right here in Laurel, Mississippi.

Every set includes one wallet with an exterior made from an old baseball glove with a brand new leather interior. Each wallet features six card slots and one cash slot. Each set also includes two accessories typically made from the same glove. Some feature a key clip and a key chain with the glove manufactures logo. Others include two key clips. These sets also include some of our favorites from the field like Big League Chew and sunflower seeds. All collections come in its own unique cigar box. 

Please note, each of these are unique and are made from real baseball gloves. Because of that, they have each distinct discoloration and wear patterns. Some of the baseball glove leathers have warping from their original shape, but will not be noticeable during normal use. Accessories may vary in color from the wallet because they came from different parts of the glove. LMCo. is not affiliated with any of the original glove, cigar or food manufacturers.

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