Fry Retool - Curated Hatchets


Austin Shafer at Fry Retool Company is a passionate guy, and we like that. We also like what he’s passionate about: restoring the tools that built America. Austin tracks down these tools, learns their story, restores them, and then sends them on their way. . These axes and hatchets were used in the piney woods, on farms, in shops, and on trucks. They’re far from perfect but they’re as good as new. Actually, they’re better than new, they’re tried and true. 

  1. "Harold" - Early Van Camp Roofers Hatchet. Found in the corner of an abandoned service shop in the Mississippi Delta
  2. "HP" - Rare WM Beatty & Son carpenters hatchet from the mid 1800s. Found in Bird-in-Hand, PA
  3. "Cobra" - Boy Scouts of America Hatchet with "Cobra" engraved in handle. Found in the Mississippi Delta

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