Tocca Travel Fragrance Spray

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Travel-Friendly
  • TSA Approved
  • 0.68 fl oz / 20 mL

The perfect everyday fragrance companion for your purse, office desk or on the go:

  • Cleopatra:  A conqueror of hearts and lands, Cleopatra evokes strength and allure. Captivating the senses, this scent is for the bold and powerful. (Great wintry scent!)
  • Stella:  Prosecco in hand, a warm breeze flows through Rome as Stella enchants and beguiles with an uncompromising magnetism. (Erin's and Mallorie's favorite!)
  • Liliana:  Charming and full of life, Liliana conjures the mood of a Jazz Age garden party reveler filling the night with joie de vivre. (Emily's favorite!)
  • Emelia:  Emelia’s zest for life celebrates the spirit of wanderlust. Each note tells the story of a far-flung travel destination, inspired by the stamps found in Emelia’s well-worn passport. 
  • Bianca:  A true Italiana from the glorious Amalfi Coast, Bianca and her seductively sweet fragrance are inspired by the seaside cliffs, marrying green tea, wild rambling rose and lemon terrace notes with fresh sugar to create a heavenly scent.


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