The Illustrated Art of Manliness

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  • Author: Brett McKay
  • Hardcover
  • Print length: 272 pages

An indispensable, hands-on guide dedicated to the lost art of being a man, The Illustrated Art of Manliness distills more than 100 practical skills every modern man needs to know into an entertaining, easy-to-follow visual format.

Founder of The Art of Manliness, Brett McKay and bestselling illustrator Ted Slampyak write brilliantly illustrated articles to help men be the best fathers, brothers, sons, and men they can be. This book features their most essential work alongside dozens of never-before seen guides on subjects ranging from chivalry and self-defense to courage and car repair, including:

How to disarm an attacker, how to fell a tree and start a fire anywhere, how a car engine works (how to fix it), how to use every tool in your toolbox, what to wear on a first date and to a job interview, how to lead a meeting and command the attention of a room, how to dance, fight, shave, shake a hand, pick a lock, and fire a gun, and other advice for when you’re lost, in danger, or merely confronting a shirt that needs to be ironed.

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