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Our Story

In 1901, the Laurel Mercantile Co. opened in downtown Laurel and was a bastion of commerce in our city, supplying dry goods and work wares until the 1930s. As industry changed, so did the needs and eventually the doors closed. Many decades have passed and “The City Beautiful” is seeing a revival as a haven for entrepreneurs, artists, and makers. In 2016 a partnership was formed between the Napiers, Nowells and Rasberrys, 3 couples made up of family and long-time best friends. They used their combined expertise in history, design, historic preservation, organizational management, finance and accounting to reopen Laurel’s bygone hometown store. The doors of the new Laurel Mercantile Co. opened on Front Street in December 2016, not long after HGTV's Home Town began filming Season 2.

In 2018, the group expanded with a second retail location in Laurel with the addition of the Scotsman General Store & Ben's Woodshop.

LMCo. is the only place to find the brand's signature collection of American-made heirloom wares and durable goods for home and life, and LMCo.’s flagship label, Scotsman Co., featuring Ben’s handmade woodworkings and gentlemen’s workwear.

The Mercantile Family

Ben & Erin Napier

We’re a couple whom our friends and neighbors might assert are attached at the hip based on how often they’ve seen us apart from one another. Erin is an artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design, Ben is a woodworker with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history, both graduates from the University of Mississippi. Together, we’re doing what we can to revitalize our town by restoring historic homes on HGTV’s Home Town. We’re in love with the quiet life in our very small Mississippi town, collectors of old cars and keepers of an old house and an old building, both in the heart of downtown Laurel. Historic design for paper, furniture and homes are our bread and butter and if we live to see our hometown fully revitalized someday, that will be enough.

Josh & Emily Nowell

A blind date brought us together after graduating from Ole Miss (Josh) and the University of Southern Miss (Emily). We spent the early years of our marriage on the road as traveling landmen and the founders of Petrolia Land Co., until Emily found out she was expecting. While this lifestyle was certainly fun, it did not seem very practical to bring a baby home to a hotel room. So, we came back to Mississippi to put down roots, investing in historic real estate development in Josh's hometown, Laurel, while restoring a historic house for our growing family to call home. These days, you’ll find our fingerprint on several of the revitalized historic businesses in downtown Laurel, each of them breathing new life into our central business district.

Jim & Mallorie Rasberry

Have you ever heard, “They were in the right place at the right time?” Well, that's exactly how we found each other—meeting by chance at Erin's (Jim's first cousin and Mallorie's college roommate and best friend) senior art thesis at Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississppi. While we have had success in our careers (Mallorie as a CPA, Jim as a financial advisor, with his own firm, Rasberry Financial) we have always been passionate about revitalization. There is nothing like bringing something back to life. It's satisfying to create value in something that has been worn, loved, then forgotten. We’re excited and proud for our little city and, much like the two kids in Oxford that night, we hope that we are in the right place at the right time to make a big difference.

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