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We’ve built our retail company around this question: “Is there a reputable American manufacturer of this product?” If we are unable to find suitable American sources to satisfy customer demand, we either skip those products, make sure a component is USA Made, or find expert manufacturers from countries with ethical and sustainable business practices. If none of that works, we make it ourselves at Scotsman Co.

More than 90 percent of our products are made right here in the USA and will be noted on our website.

Laurel, like many towns, was built on manufacturing. We believe that if we are going to be serious about revitalizing America’s hometowns, then we have to be serious about supporting American manufacturing and the small towns that depend on it.

Contact us here to tell us about your town and what you make to support it.

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We'd love to help you out. Jim, Mallorie and Josh (featured on HGTV's Home Town) consult with small towns to help them breathe new life into their community. Visit to find out how to get started.

Mallorie and Erin are not sisters, but they were roommates and best friends at Ole Miss. Mallorie is married to Erin’s first cousin, Jim, which explains why she has Erin’s maiden name.

Ben really is that tall, he’s 6’6″  ! Erin is just normal size.

Ben is very proud of his Scottish ancestry and so when his furniture building hobby turned into a business, he named it Scotsman Co.

There are two! The truck in the LMCo. yard is a 1953 Chevy 3/4 Ton Longbed, and Ben’s truck is a 1962 Chevy C-10. Sorry, neither are for sale!

Erin and Ben fell in love in college and have been attached at the hip ever since. Erin and Mallorie were roommates at Ole Miss, and Erin introduced her to her cousin, Jim and soon they were married. Erin and Josh were high school friends, then Ben and Josh were roommates at Ole Miss, and after graduation Josh and Emily met and married and she was brought into the fold. They all renovated lofts in downtown Laurel and were next door neighbors, so it’s like college never really ended. They all owned and operated national and international businesses in downtown Laurel, and soon bought and renovated historic homes in the neighboring historic district. They have the same passions for historic preservation, small town living, Americana, and eclectic, traditional home design, so it was a natural decision as best friends and family to open the Laurel Mercantile Co. together.

Ben and Erin live right here in Laurel, but we do not give out their address.  

When Ben and Erin leave work, their home is a safe haven where they unwind and connect as a family.  Because of this they’d prefer to keep their home private.  Let me show you the Recipes and Stories books that Erin uses to make meals in her home.

Home Town Related Questions

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

All Hometown sets are closed and not open to the public.  You can explore the historic district where you just may see some of the houses that were renovated on the show.  We do have a new coloring book where you can pass the time coloring each of the Home Town houses.

Many homeowners prefer to keep their locations/addresses private for safety reasons.  However, a drive around town might get you a glimpse of some of them.

"I turn books around backward on shelves not because I want to, but for book jacket copyright reasons. It’s much easier than checking the pub date to see if it’s rights free. It is NOT a style choice and as a person who loves books, I find it positively silly if someone does it for an aesthetic reason."  

Quoted from Erin's Instagram post

To get started, we suggest connecting with a local realtor who can assist you with the purchase and relocation process.  If you are interested in purchasing a home with hopes of Ben, Erin, and the Home Town team completing the renovation, the first step is to solidify a realtor and purchase a home. After the purchase of your home, the application process for Home Town can begin. You can submit an application to be on the show by contacting Karen at RTR Media,

There are overwhelming responses and requests for Ben and Erin to provide design tips and renovations for homes outside of the Laurel and Jones County area.  Unfortunately, due to Ben & Erin's intense scheduling demands, they are not able to do any work outside of the show, and we currently do not have the staff to accommodate such requests.

Unfortunately, the episodes are usually filmed about a year before they air, so retailers have stopped carrying the clothes Erin is seen wearing on the show.

We’ve asked if she might do a blog post including some of her favorites or wardrobe staples, and she’s hoping to be able to write it fairly soon so be on the lookout!

We get a lot of requests for fans to tour, work, or apprentice in our woodshop. To ensure the safety of all of our customers and to guarantee the timely production of our wooden items, we are unable to accommodate these requests. 

While Erin and Ben try to incorporate as much of the owner's existing furniture into the final reveal, there is furniture that is used for staging as well. The owners can decide if they want to purchase it after the reveal.

Each home takes 6-8 weeks without any delays.

We often write updates on homeowners previously on the show on the Laurel Mercantile Journal here.