Scotsman Woodshop

Now Hiring: Expert Woodworker  

Laurel Mercantile is hiring one Expert Woodworker for our Scotsman Woodshop.  The Scotsman Co. Expert Woodworker is a friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, and independent builder who will work collaboratively on design with Master Woodworker, Ben Napier, and team to complete custom builds while meeting strict deadlines.  This is a full-time position.

The right person for this position:
- Must be local to Laurel or able to commute daily.
-Experienced in all aspects of custom furniture building including design, joinery, finishing, lathe turning, and time management.
- Is self motivated and extremely organized.
- Possesses efficient, effective, and consistent communication skills.
- Can lift 50 lbs. and is in good physical health.

This position is NOT an apprenticeship or available for novice woodworkers looking to learn the craft.  Please use the link below to apply and submit photos or a digital portfolio of your work.  Applicants who do not submit photos or a portfolio will not be considered.

Must include portfolio or photos of pieces exhibiting:

1. Custom design
2. Expert joinery
3. Fine finishing
4. Lathe turning skill

Expert Woodworker Application