12ft Mint Exto USB Extension Cord


Only 2 pieces in stock!

  • Dual 2.4AMP Max Standard USB Power Port
  • Dual grounded outlets with 15AMP Max power delivery
  • Type 3 Surge Protective Device for non-lightning surge protection
  • Two 3-prong, Tamper-Resistant 125V outlets are kid-safer
  • 1LB Metal housing is fire-resistant and stays where you place it - no more flip-flopping power strip
  • Urethane feet are no-scratch and prevent slipping on hard surfaces
  • Built by hand in our Los Angeles factory
  • Every part is finished to the highest standard in a 5 step QC process.
  • Cotton covered wire is overbraided in our factory on legacy machines
  • Oversized rubber-covered plug for easier grip
  • We use powder coating instead of paint to reduce VOC’s
  • Lifetime surge repair (with limited replacement cost)
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