Cypress Record Display

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  • Made in Laurel, Mississippi
  • Cypress & Sinker Cypress
  • Holds 3 to 4 vinyl records 
  • Back board 9.75" tall
  • Front Board 2.75" tall
  • 3" deep inside 
  • 10" x 5" 

Inspired by the record storage table built for the Landon episode. This Scotsman Co. Cypress Record Display is made of sinker cypress used during the Landon episode. This Sinker Cypress is estimated to have been in the river for over 100 years, which is what give this wood its unique color and character.  This piece is perfect for beautifully displaying your favorite record or keeping a few on stand by for your next listening session. 

Each piece is made from American wood and will vary in grain pattern and color. These features make each piece unique, and we think that makes them even more special.

**Please note that each sinker cypress piece with epoxy will look different

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