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The Boys' Doodle Book: Amazing Pictures to Complete and Create

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  • Illustrated by Andrew Pinder
  • Paperback
  • Print length: 160 pages
  • Reading Ages: 5-9 
With a shiny foiled cover and 160 spectacular interior pages that feature engaging, full-color artwork, you’re guaranteed hours and hours of enjoyment with this playful drawing guide. Plus, every page is perforated for easy pullout to display YOUR piece of art.

The Boys’ Doodle Book is packed with pirates, dinosaurs, robots, and more, daring boys to let their imaginations run wild! A fun and simple sentence on each page instructs what to do, such as “draw a cool tree house,” “how will you escape from a crocodile?” and “draw a flying machine.” So get ready, get set, and doodle! As always, no drawing skills are required — just your imagination.

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