#1,029 Loblolly 2012.

Loblolly was the most fun I’ve ever had working the annual festival this year—totally thanks to our director, Judi, who made sure everything was taken care of well in advance. I mean I literally walked around snapping photos all day, hanging out with my handsome lumberjack and listening to Charlie Mars. Sounds rough, right?

This precious boy’s mom told us he’s crazy about Zac Brown and wanted to have his picture made with Ben, even though he only looks like him. He was so excited he couldn’t be still long enough to get a good photo. He was jumping up and down, nearly in tears. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

I’ll post more photos tomorrow, but for now I’m the tiredest one in the whole world with not an ounce of energy left to sort through them.