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"We work hard to design and manufacture as many of our products in the USA as possible. If we're going to be serious about revitalizing small town America, then we have to be serious about American manufacturing and the small towns that depend on it. That's what Laurel was founded on, and that's what'll keep our hometown strong."

We Have The Power To Do This

Before every scene, every day of shooting, dozens of times, Jim, the director of Home Town, would call out "We have the power to do this!" to let everyone on set know we literally have electricity, it's time to get quiet on set, it's almost time to film. It came to be an especially endearing moment in the shooting day so Erin and Ben made letterpress prints as gifts to the film crew at the wrap party of season 1. On set, it meant shooting could begin. When holding your coffee, it means much more.

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