The Laurel-Jones County Visitor Center

Established on August 8, 1938, the Housing Authority of the City of Laurel completed two apartment sites, Triangle Homes and Beacon Homes, as some of the first public housing built in the State of Mississippi.  In 2021, HUD funds became available to demolish and replace those original units, and construction on new apartments began.  Under the guidance of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, this particular apartment building (which originally had six apartments) was deemed historically significant. Instead of renovating the building to be saved for housing amongst the new developed building, a group of local leaders began thinking there was an opportunity to save the building and meet a need within the community.  And that is where the idea to create a new Laurel-Jones County Visitor Center was born. 
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The Laurel-Jones County Visitor Center officially opened in 2023 and includes one apartment unit interpreted for a typical 1940 family, the era that the building was originally constructed. Most items and furnishings in the apartment were donated by former residents and the general public.  The overall design of the apartment was coordinated and executed by Amanda Connelly of Shotgun Design Group and by RTR Media.
Make sure to plan your visit to Laurel and stop by this amazing new center while you're here!