#1,077 Egg Bowl Thanksgiving.

It was Thanksgiving at mama and daddy’s house, and we celebrated all day long. I mean, it was a non-stop party from lunch until bedtime. These are my favorite days with my family. I know that one day when I am old, I’ll always think of football season when I think of my mama and daddy.

First of all, she tried to teach me the secret to making the roux for her famous gumbo.

I’m not nearly intuitive enough to make it, but one day.

We helped mama put up some of the Christmas decorations, even though she sort of did a lot of it before we could even get there to help. The big show was left until we got there though, the Christmas tree and Graceland.

 My favorite ornament, always and forever.

Clark came in to put his ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ ornament on the tree. I always hang mine right beside his, though mama said I should try to hang them 8 years apart.

This is what home looks like. It smells like Apple Jack and Peel and Gladys’ Kitchen:

There was football throwing, with daddy telling us about his college football days, his favorite thing to talk about August through November. It’s interesting to me that I only noticed how beautiful the land is at home in the last 3 years. I guess that’s a sign of getting old. It looked and felt like New England out there today.

Daddy was lookin like a cutie in his Bean boots. I kinda want the girl version.

But when 6 rolled around, things got serious. Jim and Mallorie showed up and we all crowded around on the deck with hot gumbo, big quilts and a life saving outdoor heater to watch Ole Miss beat the dress off of Mississippi State.

By halftime, the temperature was down in the 30s and we were frozen so we brought the party inside.

Hooper couldn’t hang and my brother is a sucker.

And hey guess what?

Hotty toddy.