#1,079 Stockings.

On Thanksgiving, Ben’s mama sewed stockings for us that are exactly the simple, handmade thing I wanted. They’re made of the same dropcloth as our curtains throughout the house. Ben’s is lined with navy ticking and mine with tan ticking. Tonight I took them over to my mama to help me stitch our names onto them. She taught me how to embroider by hand in high school and I stitched all of my favorite band’s logos on my backpack that year. It was so legit. Just google the Blind Melon logo and tell me how easy that was? Not easy.

Anyway, tonight I used those skills, but simplified it. I just wanted them to be straight stitches in a simple script for our names. So that’s exactly what we did, with red thread and some cotton muslin scraps I had. She did Ben’s stocking and I did mine.

Then we cut them out and stitched the ‘labels’ onto the stockings.

And there they are—our first stockings on our first mantle. 100% free. Merry Christmas, sweet readers!