#1,098 Clark Christmas.

This afternoon we had a Christmas lunch for mama’s side of the family at aunt Phyllis and uncle Bobby’s house around the corner from mama. There was so much good (very BAD for you) food.

 Mama, uncle Charles, aunt Mae Mae and aunt Charlotte

 Me and Mae, the most funny and creative aunt a girl could ask for.

Daddy, Clark and Ben 

 Such cool wrapping paper aunt Phyllis found at Quinn’s!

We’ll see y’all! Merry Christmas!

Our cousin Jason and my big brother Clark.  Next door neighbors and just like brothers in their growing up years.

We got home from all the festivities and took the pups for a long walk and then let them hang out and wedding watch on the porch with us. There’s a wild party going on at the Rogers-Green house every Saturday night and it drives them crazy hearing it most of the time.

It’s wonderful to spend the Christmas season with your family, isn’t it?