#1,100 Coming Home.

I love coming home from a long long day at work and seeing our two ole dogs’ heads poking over the top of the fence. They know the sound of our cars and wait quietly for us with their paws on the fence when they hear us pull into the driveway. If they hear a car they don’t know, the thunderous barking starts.

I never cared about dogs really growing up. I always had one, but they never cared to play so I didn’t play either. They were a security feature that we fed and took to the vet. But since we got dogs of our own that we spend a lot of time with, we see that they have very similar (calm, very affectionate) and very different personalities. They’re dogs, not people, but I think you can say they have a personality, can’t you?

Chevy is the guard dog who detests my phone/camera. He likes to look away from us, staring all tough and stoic like this, while we pet him. If we stop, he whines and paws our knees endlessly. He’s all business but needs us to have a hand on him if we’re nearby.

Baker is a lover. Not a fighter. He poses for the phone/camera. He smiles a lot, and stands up on his hind legs to gently hug like a person would. He weighs 130 lbs. so that’s kind of frightening to people who aren’t expecting it. I think he’s especially affectionate maybe because he’s a rescue dog.

Today was kind of rotten, but this blog is not a place for that. I came home tonight to furry fat butts who are always happy to see me so I’ll give them my words for tonight.