#1,135 9.

Nine new orders. That’s what Lucky Luxe got today. That’s the biggest day in the history of our little shop, and it’s made January 2013 the biggest month in the history of it. I just can’t believe it! A few months ago, in September, I was so worried because it had been slow. Dreadfully slow. The slowest month ever. I prayed for faith without sight that things would improve, and I lost faith sometimes. I can’t believe that I did, because God has never ever failed to take care of us. I don’t mean that He rewards us with money, but I do know that when you give His share back without fail, even when it’s very very hard to, you don’t have to worry about that particular need anymore. I’m feeling incredibly blessed today, especially since we would like to build a new shop in the backyard. Baker was scratching his side against one of the shop porch columns and it just fell off. The porch is standing on 3 legs now, holding up a waterlogged, leaky roof and termite ravaged walls. But because of our generous and sweet brides, it’s not a problem that can’t be fixed.

Even better, Ben’s mama and daddy came to see us tonight, bearing a roast with rice and gravy, spinach salad with feta, cranberries, strawberries and almonds. Ben made greens, and I just dragged myself in at 7:00 to put toast in the oven. And for a busy day like this, I think that was pretty good. I am beyond thankful for our loving parents that still take care of us big grown babies.

Afterward, The Rev put on his cowboy hat and we took a spin in his new mega cab pickup truck.

He let Jesse drive. Nirvana was playing on the radio. We all carried on, they seemed not to notice this loud grunge rock song blaring. Like it was grocery store music. This tickled me.