#1,150 The sickness.

Today I got a phone call from my doctor. They made me take a test on Thursday in an effort to learn more about what might be wrong with my stomach and they found this certain blood enzyme they were looking for was slightly elevated. Which would be the answer to my problem if they had tested me during the illness instead of 5 days after. If this rare genetic blood disorder is in fact the culprit, it will explain so so much about my illness and my family’s history of stomach problems and then my doctor will possibly know how to treat it so we can prevent them in the future.

I’m not supposed to be excited yet since they’ll need to test me again during an actual attack to definitely determine, but I swear I have felt this burden lifted off of me all day just dreaming of the possibility of finally giving my particular malady a name. I’ve been dealing with it since 2004 and I would give just about anything to know what it is and how to fix it. I think we’re getting closer! I’ll be extra thankful in my prayers tonight.