#1,178 Supper Club.

Our supper club meets on the first Tuesday of every month, and every time it’s blog worthy. Since its beginning in 2009, the group has changed a lot and becomes more and more fun as the months pass. We’re a mixed up bunch of Methodists, non-denominationals, Episcopals, Presbyterians and Baptists that are married, single, dating, with kids and without kids, in college or working.

The power of cheese and sausage appetizers never fails to bring us all together once a month to talk about our faith. Tonight’s study was about ‘minding the checks’ from my all-time favorite devotional, Streams in the Desert. It’s good to talk about what we believe, no matter what denomination you choose. We all agree that God is good, and that’s pretty much all you need to make people love each other isn’t it?