#1,193 My Weird Things.

Today I had a realization. One of my favorite things about being married to Ben is that he knows, loves, and caters to all of my weird idiosyncrasies. And there are MANY. He’s got some weird things too (can’t close cabinet doors or use eyedrops) but I might have more than the average individual. A small sampling:

1. I am afraid of raw chicken, such that I Clorox the entire kitchen after cooking it to be sure we don’t die from salmonella.

2. I only eat cereal in the white bowls, not the ivory ones.

3. I sleep with my baby blanket. Don’t laugh at me.

4. I will only eat bananas that are super ripe. I like them with dark chocolate peanut butter on toast.

5. I clean the floors obsessively and will only empty the hardwood vacuum in the outdoor trash cans.

6. I can only sleep in his shirts, XXL.

7. I like my laundry in the round basket, his in the square one. Towels sit between them on the washer.

8. I only like Aquafresh toothpaste. The whitening kind that tastes like honey lemon.

9. I think I’m getting a stomach virus all the time. I’ve never had one.

10. Every night he runs me a bubble bath, sans bubbles. Also known as… a bath. I actually don’t like bubbles. Or milk chocolate. Or cake icing. I’m a weird bird, apparently.

11. I feel tenderhearted about people eating alone. I can’t look at it. Breaks my heart.

12. I can’t make grits worth a dern, but he makes them exactly perfectly the way I love them. So buttery and salty, they taste like popcorn. He makes them anytime I want, no questions asked. I think it’s because I brag, which was his dad’s strategy who would brag on what a good foot rubber little Ben was which made him want to rub them more. Psychology.

13. We travel with my noisemaker. On planes, trains or automobiles. It is the size of a crock pot and weighs 10 lbs. I cannot sleep without it. Thanks for the early infancy addiction, mama.

14. I want to go to France, but have nightmares about not understanding the language. I took 4 years of French in high school, but don’t trust myself at all.

15. I am afraid of going fast. In cars, carnival rides, whatever. I don’t go fast. Slow and steady wins the race.

There are many more, but this is embarrassing enough for now. I’m utterly thankful he isn’t annoyed by me. He tells me he likes being the only person who knows my every weirdness, because it’s not weird at all, it’s just me and I belong to him and we’re on the same team. Do you have weird things that only your spouse can love? I bet you do. We’re all a little weird, but we are each the love of someone’s life.