#1,197 Business + Sunday + Makeup.

I got a text from Jim today that said, “Great article in the Chronicle! Way to go.”

I had no idea what that meant. We were having lunch at my parents’, so daddy went out to get the paper from the mailbox. We flipped through and found a section called Women in Business, featuring 20 women from our town who were nominated and picked and apparently someone nominated me.

I’m shocked and flattered and honored to be part of it. Thank you sweet person, whoever you are! I also read in the paper today that our little city is among the best in the state economically and growth-wise. I’m so proud! Can’t wait to see how it grows with a new councilman in Ward 5 *wink!*.

The day started off dreary and drizzly, with my favorite breakfast—a toasted croissant and homemade strawberry jam:

And after church and lunch, just as I pulled the shades for a nap, the sun came out and a cold, crazy wind blew all day long: 

It was so pretty out, but still too chilly to enjoy it. And so I fell asleep for 2 hours. Unbelievable for me. I have such a hard time napping these days and I was a professional in high school and college. What the heck?

After church we went to Jim and Mallorie’s to watch Ole Miss play in the tournament, and sadly, we lost. But it was nice hearing about our alma mater on the national news so much these last few weeks.

Real talk: I’m glad Ole Miss did well, but I’ve had about enough of March Madness. It’s totally consumed Ben and Jesse’s every waking thought and conversation. Ben is singing Dixie from American Trilogy in the shower as I type this, presumably in mourning?

More real talk: I have dark circles under my eyes and I’ve never been able to find anything to really hide them well or make them go away. I have terrible allergies so I guess they’re here for good. Good news is, I’ve found the magic trick that hides them completely. I figure some of you might have the same problem so I feel obligated to share this information.

1. Use a tiny dab of Olay Regenerist Eye Cream at bedtime and under your makeup in the morning. Over time, it seems to actually help a little.
2. Apply Physicians Formula yellow concealer stick under your eyes.
3. Use a small eyeshadow brush to apply Stila eyeshadow in Starlight at the inner corners and under your eyes, not on the lids. This stuff is MAGIC. It’s so micro-fine, natural and bright looking. If you’re fair skinned like me, you’ll fall in love with Stila.

No more dark circles! Modern miracle! Excuse my wet hair.