#1,212 Flew the Coop.

I worked like a dog all day so I could run down to the beach tonight and spend tomorrow lying in the sand. My parents have had their condo in Orange Beach, Alabama since I was a 7th grader in love with Titanic. I spent my high school summers here riding in Jeeps with my friends Nancy and Jaime, pool hopping late at night and playing soccer on the balcony of Jaime’s ancient 3 story beach house. I got to college and it became a rare treat on my trips home from Oxford, and when I started my first post-college job, the trips became nonexistent. I guess that’s the thing about being a grown up? Except my parents manage to slip down here every month. Hmmmm…

I can’t wait to wake up and head straight to the water. I might even listen to the 90s pop channel on Pandora.

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