#1,224 NAACP + Class Reunion.

Ben was invited to speak at the NAACP political forum tonight and I’m over the moon proud of him. When he walked up to the front, people were going “Big Ben! Big Ben!” 

He even got a few amens, so I feel encouraged by it. This helped him so much for the big televised forum coming up on May 2 to see where his opponents stand.

Tonight was also my 10 year high school reunion. I didn’t love high school. At all. I was sort of dreading tonight, but it was actually not bad. Hope and a couple other girls did a great job planning the event at a restaurant in town.

It’s was weird, because of facebook, that everyone wanted to talk to Big Ben the candidate with the awesome beard instead of me. They knew who he was, they knew what I do for a living and that my hair has been short since my first year of college, that I have 2 dogs, that we’re working on the half bath. Stupid facebook!

I even got photobombed by Dino Davee. So. Great success.