#1,247 Porching.

It’s impossible to not repeat so many of my posts. There are a few things in life that make me very happy and having friends on my porch is one of them. I can’t help but blog about it every now and then, so forgive me if this feels like deja vu.

I came home from work to this most pleasant scene.

Our around-the-corner neighbors, the McLeods, were on their porch as they always are in the morning and evening. Which made me want to do the same.

We’ve had the coolest spring. Mid-May Mississippi temps are usually in the hot and humid high 80s (which are coming for us later in the week) but it’s so unusual to put on a sweater and curl up with blankets this time of year. I am over the moon about this preface to summer. Josh and Em are home for a few days so we all spent the whole night on the porch, listening to music and talking politics (what else?).

 A car with a flat tire rolled very sadly past our neighbor’s house before running out of gas in front of ours. Ben’s favorite ministry is helping motorists in distress, so he ran to the rescue to change their tire and give them some gas. You might say, “yeah—politicians.” No. It’s something he’s always been weird about. Because he can work on cars, if he sees someone broken down, he has always and will always feel responsible to stop and help even if he’s running late to something else. It’s admirable. It’s a little crazy, too.

Afterward, there was hot tea and some storytelling. And I wonder if this happens so often outside of the South?