#1,251 Hard Yard Work.

I got to leave work a little early today and I was excited about that because I’ve been wanting to work in the yard for weeks now but haven’t had any time. Ben was doing the yard for a lady in our church all afternoon, but since he taught me how to use our new pushmower I went and did our yard without him. Girl power.

I seriously love pushmowing. 
And weedeating.
It’s so satisfying. Like squeezing every last drop of the fake cheese packet into the macaroni. 
I don’t love blowing off the carport and driveway because I can NEVER get it all rounded up and out to the street the way the lawn people at the museum do. They make it look so effortless!
Here is a panoramic view of the fruits of my labor that took every bit of 4 hours.
No, we don’t have much grass in the backyard. I know there are paths around our shop that’s basically falling in. I think about what the yard looked like when we bought the house—lush, green and clean. Chevy and Baker have changed all that, but we do what we can with it. I absolutely love the stone path that Jesse did for us a while back, and I’m ready to see them on all the dog trails. It’s going to look so awesome. Someday.
These guys are pleased.