#1,314 Groomed Greats.

We decided this morning to take the dogs for a run to the animal clinic so they could get their biannual grooming before we leave and go on our big trip next week. Baker’s not been losing his winter coat like he did last year and he seems a little more lethargic and hot than normal. The groomer always does the trick, getting the lion’s share of his loose fur off of him.

You see what I did there?

And about 25 minutes after we brought them home this afternoon, he got in his kiddie pool then rolled in dirt to make a muddy paste that’s now tangled into his neck fat fur. Play to win, Baker.

Chevy is a gentleman and understands the importance of hygiene. 
Oh well. They’re both pleasantly old lady scented now and are terribly suspicious of each other because of it. There have been some tense moments of sniffing then glaring since they got home.

Also, I ran as hard as I could the whole way back from the vet and nearly stroked out. I even took a cold shower.

Tweren’t nothing a bowl of raisin bran and a baby Coke couldn’t cure.